Our Biggest Boat Yet!

150 HP, a bluetooth stereo, wet bar, and seating for 14. Sounds like a great day on the lake to us!

Rent the 26′ Sweetwater Double Decker Pontoon

Delivery Available Throughout Lake Country, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, & Okanagan Lake

Enjoy family fun with your own waterpark on the water! This double decker pontoon is loaded with features like a slide, a second level sundeck, Bluetooth stereo and built in cooler. Slide, swim, lounge, entertain and even water ski with this complete family fun ship!

Boat Specifications

  • 150 Horsepower
  • Seating for 14 people
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Wet Bar with Stools

This boat has it all from an upper deck with waterslide to a built in cooler. This is lounging on the lake in class!

Rental Rates

Daily Rates

  • 4 hours / morning: $499 +tax
  • 4 hours / afternoon: $619 +tax
  • 8 hours / all day: $849 +tax

$2000 Damage deposit required on all rentals.

Multi-Day Rates

For rentals of 3 or more days: $699 +tax/day


  • Tubes: $25/day+tax
  • Water skis: $25/day+tax
  • Wakeboards: $25/day+tax
  • BBQ: $50/day+tax

Eight hour rentals include a water accessory of your choice.

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What You Need to Know When Renting the Sweetwater Pontoon

The Sweetwater Pontoon is a fantastic boat for groups of people that want to hit the open water and have a good time.

The top deck is perfect for those sunbathing moments, with a blue sky above you and fresh water below you the only way to make that situation even better is an ice cold drink from your built in cooler!

We’re not sure who has more fun on this boat, the kids or the adults!

Always follow safe operation practices when behind the wheel, and of course, never operate while intoxicated.

If you do not have a boat license, we will perform a walk-around of the board and familiarize you with its controls. In addition, we will teach you how to operate the boat and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Once we have completed the walk-around we will provide you a temporary license that serves as proof of your ability/competency to operate a boat.

Included in an eight hour rental is a water accessory of your choice.

This boat is the ideal choice if you’re looking to really go fast and have some fun on the lake. It will tow a tube, skiier, or wakeboarder no problem.

Our equipment is well maintained. We make sure our equipment is ready for you!

We have a life jacket for everyone! All our life jackets are new, comfortable, and made by a quality brand (Hyperlite). We’ll make sure that kiddos are comfortable, too!

Children’s sizes:

  • 20-30lbs
  • 30-60lbs
  • 60-90lbs

Adult sizes range from XS to XXL.

All boat operators are required to have at least a valid class-5 license. Operators must be at least 18 years old.

Operating the boat while inebriated is not allowed.


We’ll deliver the boat with a full tank. There are several options on the lake for fuel, though marine gas on the water is considerably more expensive than what we would charge if you were to bring the boat back un-fueled.

You are free to bring the boat back for us to refuel for you- we’ll add the cost of fuel to the final total. This not only allows you more time on the water, but saves you money as we refuel at normal gas prices.


Please treat the boat like it was your own. Renters are fully responsible for the boat and all incidentals for the duration of the rental. Boat repairs can be expensive- please take care of the boat so we can keep it looking awesome for all our customers!

Delivery is free to the Okanagan Centre boat launch. All other launches starting at $75.