Best Features of Our Boats

The great thing about boats is that there is so much they have to offer. Each one is different that can work for families, friends, and more. The boats we offer have a variety of different activities to do whether it’s exploring different places by boat, relaxing under the sun, or trying out new tricks on the water.  

21’ Chaparral 

Chaparral boats have a reputation for being solidly built. The boat is built by hand and has quality fiberglass. This boat can fit up to 10 people or two families. It also has a wakeboard tower and an extended swim platform. At 300 horsepower, this is a good choice for those people that are sports enthusiasts and experts in the water. This is a great option for people who are thrill seekers looking for adventures out on the water.  

20’ Bayliner VR5 


The 20’ Bayliner VR5 is a great tour boat for families wanting to explore what the Okanagan has to offer. Many of these places are only accessible by boat, and this elegant, modern and reliable boat is the best to do it with. At 250 horsepower, it’s also great for people that want to practice their skills on the water. It fits up to 8 people and has a built-in stereo, built-in cooler, and a Bimini top.  

19’ Four Winns 

The 19’ Four Winns has the same features as the 20’ Four Winns SS, which includes a wakeboard tower, Bluetooth stereo, and Bimini Top. It can also carry up to 8 people. At 190 horsepower, it’s a good option for those people who love to try out awesome water activities such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, or tubing. It’s also another great option for beginners on the water. 


The double-decker pontoons are all great for bigger groups fitting between 12-15 depending on which one you pick. They are great boats for lounging and great for families since they all come with a waterslide and the top deck is great for sunbathing. This is a great option for young kids, a group of adults, and parties. They are very family-friendly, with tons of storage space for grilling and all the necessary items needed on a boat such as towels and sunscreen. 

The great thing about these double-decker pontoons is we are the only company in the Okanagan that offers this option.  

24’ Premier Double Decker Pontoon 

The 24’ Premier Double Decker Pontoon can fit up to 15 people, it has a Bluetooth stereo with sub and a built-in cooler to keep your drinks cold for the hot summer days. AT 150 HP it’s capable of pulling a tube or a skier. This is the biggest pontoon we offer. It gives everyone the luxury feeling of being out on the water.  

26’ Sweetwater Double Decker Pontoon 


The 26’ Sweetwater Double Decker Pontoon can seat up to 14 people, it has a Bluetooth stereo and built-in cooler. Just like the 24’ Premier Double Decker Pontoon, it has similar power at 150 horsepower, which can also pull a tube and a skier. This specific double-decker pontoon also has a bar-type seating area.  

25’ Avalon Double Decker Pontoon 

The 25’ Avalon Double Decker Pontoon can seat up to 12 people. It also includes a Bluetooth stereo with sub and a Bimini top. This also includes a waterslide and the upper deck which is great for sunbathing. For a quick dip in the water or even swimming for a long time, this boat is great for those long days out on the water during the hot summer.  

24’ Monaco Double Decker Pontoon 

The 24’ Monaco Double Decker Pontoon is the last double-decker out of 4. It seats 14 people and comes with a Bimini cover and Bluetooth Stereo. As one of our luxury boats, it includes comfy seats from the front to the back of the pontoon. This pontoon also includes a waterslide and an upper deck for sunbathing. At 150 horsepower, this pontoon can also pull a tube and skier. Keep in mind that they won’t go as fast as the speedboats we offer.  

24’ Sunchaser Pontoon 

The 24’ Sunchaser Pontoon is a great option for lounging and sunbathing on those hot summer days. It has seating for up to 12 people, and at 115 horsepower, it is still powerful enough to pull a tube. It has a Bluetooth stereo and a Bimini top included on the pontoon.   

23’ Heyday Surf Boat 

The 23’ Heyday Surf Boat is the newest boat we offer for this season. At 330 horsepower, this is a great option for those people who are advanced on the water and adventure thrill-seekers. It has seating for up to 12 people and includes a Bimini top, a wakeboard tower, and an upgraded Bluetooth stereo with sub. This boat is great for surfing, wakeboarding, or tubing. With comfortable seating and a bright green color, this is a great boat for families that want to spend the entire day doing activities out on the water.